Aluminum wheels by Tredit are set to impress. The superior materials perform as well as they look. You can match our wheel designs with your trailer to get the custom look you are after.

Features & Benefits

Styles, colors, and finishes to get the look you seek for your towable good.

Tredit aluminum wheels are made with automotive grade A356 aluminum alloy. This provides superior strength and eliminates the need for steel inserts at the stud holes.

Lifetime structural warranty and 1-year finish and paint warranty.

Aluminum wheels typically weigh less than steel wheels. This reduction in rolling mass helps improve miles per gallon.

  • Solid multi-spoke design
  • Multiple finishes available

Sizes & Specs

DiameterWidthBolt PatternCenter BoreOffsetCapacityFinish
13″5″5 on 4.5″3.19″0″1,660 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver
14″5.5″5 on 4.5″3.19″0″1,900 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver
15″6″5 on 4.5″3.19″0″2,150 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver
15″6″6 on 5.5″4.25″0″2,860 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver
16″6″6 on 5.5″ 4.25″0″3,200 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver
16″6″8 on 6.5″ 4.90″0″3,750 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver
16″6″8 on 6.5″4.90″+.503,750 lbs.Clear Coat- Silver