The Towmax STR II has been specifically designed to deliver long-lasting and dependable performance for trailer applications, including travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Features & Benefits

Featuring advanced construction technology for superior strength and durability, as well as an optimized five-rib tread design for maximum ride stability and long tread life, the Towmax STR II provides exceptional value, quality and security for all of your towed trailer needs.

  • Optimized tread design for long, even treadwear
  • Wide circumferential grooves for superior wet traction
  • Nylon overlay in 15″ & 16″ for superior strength and extreme durability

Tire Design

Innovative Tread Design

Center grooves in the tread for consistent, even tracking.

Optimized Tread Compound

Yields improved wear and longer mileage.

Nylon Overlay in 15″ & 16″

Provides superior strength and extreme durability.

Sizes & Specs

Tire SizeLR/PRSection WidthOverall DiameterMax LoadOperating InflationSpeed Rating
ST175/80R13C/66.9″24″1,360 lbs50 psiL/75 mph
ST185/80R13C/67.3″24.6″1,480 lbs50 psiL/75 mph
ST205/75R14C/67.7″26.1″1,760 lbs50 psiL/75 mph
ST215/75R14C/68.4″26.6″1,870 lbs50 psiL/75 mph
ST205/75R15C/67.7″27.1″1,820 lbs50 psiL/75 mph
ST205/75R15D/87.7″27.1″2,150 lbs65 psiL/75 mph
ST225/75R15D/88.8″28.2″2,540 lbs65 psiL/75 mph
ST225/75R15E/108.8″28.2″2,860 lbs80 psiL/75 mph
ST235/80R16E/109.2″30.7″3,520 lbs80 psiL/75 mph
ST235/80R16F/129.2″30.7″3,860 lbs100 psiL/75 mph
ST235/80R16E/109.2″31.7″3,640 lbs80 psiL/75 mph
ST235/85R16F/129.2″31.7″3,960 lbs95 psiL/75 mph