The Rainier ST Longhaul is for those seeking to enjoy the journey. With industry first trailer tire treadwear indicators, clear psi inflation recommendations, and tire size markings, the Longhaul will help get you to the places you want to be.

Features & Benefits

This high quality trailer tire features a 6 year limited warranty with roadside assistance for peace of mind. The Rainier ST Longhaul includes many consumer-centered design elements: an industry first treadwear indicator that helps you visualize the tread depth remaining; inflation pressure requirements are more clearly broadcasted for easy identification and reading; and “Tire Size:” to help call out the fitment for end-users.

  • Treadwear indicators built into the tread design
  • Commercial inspired tread pattern for hauling and travel
  • Wide tread grooves for optimized wet performance
  • Optimized construction and design for heat dissipation with extended tread life
  • 6 year warranty with roadside assistance

Tire Design

Wide grooves

Optimized wet and dry performance

Treadwear Indicators

2/32nd step indicator to clearly show how much tread remains

Commercial inspired tread design

For hauling and highway travel

Sizes & Specs

Tire SizeLR/PRSection WidthOverall DiameterMax LoadOperating Inflation Speed Rating
ST205/75R14C/68″25.7″1,925 lbs60 psiM/81 mph
ST205/75R15C/68.1″26.9″1,820 lbs50 psiM/81 mph
ST235/80R16E/109.3″30.8″3,860 lbs80 psiM/81 mph