The Rainier ST All Steel is a commercial highway inspired tire designed to meet the needs of high load capacity trailer tires.

Features & Benefits

This high capacity commercial highway inspired trailer tire features a 8 year limited warranty with roadside assistance for peace of mind. The Rainier ST All Steel is designed to carry the higher loads for today’s RV and cargo units. With a highway tread pattern and clean sidewall design, the added durability is paired with high load capacity.

  • Robust all steel sidewall design for trail use for high carrying capacity
  • Highway tread pattern for smooth towing
  • Deep tread depth for long on-road service
  • Stone ejectors in tread to reduce debris retention
  • 8 year warranty with roadside assistance

Tire Design

Highway Tread Pattern

For smooth rolling on all highways.

Optimized Design

Balancing long wear with all-season traction.

Protective Tread

Stone ejectors designed to keep the tread clear of debris.

Sizes & Specs

Tire SizeLR/PRSection WidthOverall DiameterMax LoadOperating Inflation Speed Rating
ST235/80R16G/149.22″30.7″4,080S/3,640D lbs110 psiM/81 mph
ST235/80R16H/169.3″30.7″4,190S/3,750D lbs110 psiM/81 mph
ST235/85R16G/149.3″31.6″4,400S/3,850D lbs110 psiM/81 mph
215/75R17.5H/168.1″30.4″4,805S/4,540D lbs125 psiM/81 mph
235/75R17.5H/169.35″31.3″6,005S/5,675D lbs125 psiM/81 mph