Features & Benefits

The all new Hankook Vantra trailer tire delivers exceptional durability and stability under heavy-duty conditions.

  • Improved traction control in all road conditions with optimized pattern design.
  • Enhanced durability and stability in heavy-duty conditions with advanced tire structure technology.
  • Highway speed rated with an N-rating (87 mph).
  • Size availability for most popular trailer applications.

Tire Design & Technology

Tire Structure

Sizes & Specs

Tire SizeLR/PRSection WidthOverall DiameterMax Load Operating Inflation Speed Rating
ST175/80R13C/67″24.1″1,360 lbs50 psiN/87 mph
ST185/80R13C/67.1″24.7″1,480 lbs50 psiN/87 mph
ST205/75R14D/87.9″26.2″2,040 lbs65 psiN/87 mph
ST215/75R14D/88.5″26.7″2,200 lbs65 psiN/87 mph
ST205/75R15D/88″27.1″2,150 lbs65 psiN/87 mph
ST225/75R15E/108.9″28.3″2,830 lbs80 psiN/87 mph
ST235/80R16E/109.5″30.9″3,420 lbs80 psiN/87 mph
ST235/85R16E/109.5″31.7″3,640 lbs80 psiN/87 mph
ST255/85R16E/1010.3″33.1″4,080 lbs80 psiN/87 mph